How to Book Dummy Ticket for Visa Online

There are so many documents that need to be submitted at the embassy for getting your visa. This can get really confusing at times, especially when you do not know what exactly they are asking for and how to obtain it.


Among the many documents which you need to submit for a visa, an important one is your flight itinerary. Depending on the country you are visiting, the respective embassy may refer to it as confirmed flight itinerary, flight reservation, round trip flight tickets, round trip reservation, dummy ticket, onward ticket, proof of onward travel etc.


The flight itinerary which you submit for a visa must have a detailed description of your journey to and from the foreign nation. This should include the details about your journey such as flight code, flight name, time of arrival and departure, the IATA codes of the arrival and departure airport and the PNR or booking number.


The flight ticket is generally issued by a travel agency or the concerned airline company which confirms the travel itinerary of an individual. For a visa, a two-way flight itinerary has to be produced. But, that does not mean that you need to book your flight tickets before applying for a visa.


While applying for a visa, you need to produce your flight itinerary and not your flight ticket. For this, you can book dummy ticket for visa online which have all the necessary details of the flight. You just have to pay a small amount and get your flight itinerary within no time.


This is a much better option as you can avoid paying hefty sums for your flight tickets before getting your visa confirmed. This way, with a dummy ticket you can apply for a visa and once it is granted, you can go ahead and book your flight tickets.


Are you wondering about how to book dummy ticket for visa? If you are here on our site, you are halfway through the process. Go to our “Book Now” section and enter your details like your name, number of passengers, email address, date of departure and arrival, etc.


Once done, you can click on the “Book Now” button to get your dummy ticket. You just have to pay $10.00 for getting the dummy ticket. Once you have made the payment, you will get the dummy ticket within 5 – 60 minutes. The dummy ticket will be sent to you via email in PDF format. You can download this and use it as your flight itinerary for the visa.


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