What is an onward ticket?

An onward ticket is a flight reservation or airline itinerary. It basically looks like a regular airline ticket with valid PNR / booking code or booking reference number. They are verifiable on the airlines websites if checked using the “Manage my booking” tool found on most airline websites.

What is an onward ticket used for?

The main use of an onward ticket is for proof of return (for one-way flight) to show at the immigration while traveling. That means you can show that you have fixed travel plans to leave the country which you’re hoping to enter. They won’t necessarily care where that ticket goes, just as long as it’s out of their country. In some countries, onward ticket is required by immigration, the airline at the check-in and won’t allow you to board the plane without it.

Which Countries Require The Onward Ticket?

Countries that absolutely require an onward ticket are Peru, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, U.S.A, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Cambodia, Laos, Brazil, Colombia, India, Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama.

Before you get too excited thinking that your destination won’t ask for an onward ticket, just know that even though it’s not in their laws, they probably will. As a precaution, always book an onward ticket before travelling to any country.

How To Get Proof Of Onward Travel

It’s simple, if you already have an actual one-way ticket  (let’s say Paris to Singapore ) then you’ll need an onward ticket to show as proof of return at the immigration or before getting in the plane. The onward ticket could be Singapore to Paris, or Singapore to Bangkok. In other word it’s a proof that you can show that you are leaving the country before the end of your visa.


On our website you can get such a ticket for only $10.00. Simply enter Singapore as Departing Airport ( From ), Bangkok for Arrival Airport( To ), and pick a Departure Date that is before the expiration date of your visa. Once payment has been made, onward ticket will be sent to your email within 5 – 60 minutes. You will receive a perfectly legitimate flight PDF-ticket with a valid PNR code under your name that you can print it out as a proof of your onward travel. You can check the validity of your onward ticket on major airline’s websites.

Onward Ticket Sample Confirmation